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I gazed up at my bandmates as Jinxx finished tying the rope around my wrists, firmly keeping them pinned to the metal headboard. He climbed up over-top me and gazed down into my eyes, "Are you sure you want to do this?" he whispered, and I nodded. He sighed, and slowly wrapped his hand around my dick. I moaned softly as he began stroking me, closing my eyes.

As I felt something cold and metallic sliding onto my length, my eyes shot open and glanced down at my body. My jaw dropped as my eyes fell upon the cock ring, and Jinxx shrugged apologetically, "You said yes."

"Get on with it Jinxx." Ashley sighed, and he glared over at him, then slowly slid his tongue up my length. I groaned and closed my eyes, arching my back off the bed slightly as he took me into his mouth. Jinxx gave the best head ever, I swear.

I let out a loud moan as he deep throated me, his tongue pressing against the sensitive spot underneath the head. As Jake walked up, he slipped me out of his mouth, gave one last teasing lick right to my slit, then Jake propped himself over me.


Jake was probably the most gentle with me, always. That's why we had him go second everytime, because he actually prepped and cared if he hurt me (not that CC and Ashley didn't care, their hormones just took control over everything else). He held two fingers to my lips, and I took them into my mouth, sucking and licking at them, coating them thoroughly. Jake shivered as he pulled them out, then instantly pushed the two fingers into me. I cried out, arching my back and throwing my head back as he made a scissoring motion, his lips kissing and sucking at the tender skin on my neck.

I whined out in need as he pulled his fingers out, and moaned out as his dick quickly replaced them. He grasped my hips and thrusted into me, hard. I screamed and cursed as he continued, his hands gripping tightly at my hips as he thrust into my spot over and over again. He moaned loudly as he released inside me, and I arched my back, gritting my teeth against the need building in my entire body to fucking cum.


CC instantly thrust into my once Jake moved away from the bed, both of us moaning loudly. He bent his body over mine as  wrapped my legs around his body. He slid his fingers into my hair as he pressed deep inside me, pressing right up against my sweet spot. I moaned loudly, and he took this opportunity to roughly shove his tongue into my mouth, gaining dominance instantly as his hand pulled at my hair, his hips slamming forward into mine. It didn't take long of our rough, hard fucking for CC to finish, and he bit down on my neck hard as he pulled out, causing me to scream in pain and pleasure.


"Alright Ashley, you're turn."

I forced my eyes open as CC spoke, looking pleadingly up at a beautiful, bare naked Ashley. He propped himself over me, then slammed into me with one thrust. I let out a scream, arching my back and straining against the roped tied around my wrists, tears spilling down my cheeks.

"A-Ashley pl-please let me finish!" I pleaded, my voice hoarse from all the screaming and pleading I'd been doing. He gazed down at me sympathetically, rocking his hips against mine and slowly slipping the ring off of me.

I moaned out at the feeling, then screamed as Ash started pounding into me, harder and faster, slamming directly into my spot. He left dark hickeys and bite marks over my neck, hands pulling at my hair and clawing at my chest. I could feel my release starting to grow more and more.

"Ash! Touch me!" I pleaded, and he began to stroke me in time with his thrusts and, with one final rut into my spot, I finally finished with my loudest scream yet, my entire body shaking in ecstasy and relief, him following soon after. He slowly pulled out of me, both of us gasping for breath. His fingers worked at the knot Jinxx had tied in the rope as his lips met mine in a slow, sloppy kiss.

As my wrists were freed, I wrapped them tightly around Ash and pulled him down onto the bed next to me, curling up to him, body still quivering as I came down from my high. His arms wrapped around me as well, his lips placing a small, sweet kiss to my forehead.

I love my bandmates.
Thank you to :iconinfashuated: for sending me shizz on how to write this wondrous smut for you guys <3
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